Saturday, January 25, 2014

Ahhhhh.... the weekend has finally started for me

Some what fun day at work today.  Went to bed extra early last night because of the fun day I had driving to get my new glasses. Just over an hour there in horrible winds and another hour back in even worse winds plus menopausal hot flashes. Fun!  So, I was in bed by 9 PM, which is good but it gave the pinched nerve more time to hurt during the night.  I was up at least 3 times due to the pain.  The last time it never fully went away but by then I was so exhausted I just fell into a nice sleep. The alarm clock was exceptionally loud and rude at 730 AM. Anyone else notice that the earlier your alarm goes off, the louder and ruder it is?

Naturally, as soon as someone came into the library, I had to potty. It never fails, right? Luckily, he took his time and I was back at my desk before he was ready to check out. My co-worker was scheduled to come in an hour after me so that first hour was relatively peaceful. Until the boys showed up. They weren't that bad. The two brothers were actually a good influence on the third boy. He's always trouble.  Unfortunately the brothers left and the sister of the third boy showed up.  He's a bad influence on his little sister and there's always trouble when the two of them are there.  We, the librarians, are used as baby sitters by several parents, including theirs.  Some of the kids are better behaved than others.  I was very, very, very glad when their mom showed up to take them home. And she was only an hour late.  The final two hours of work were, ahhhhh, peaceful.

Then a trip to town to get my new glasses readjusted, pick up a few groceries, cat food and dog food.  Been watching movies since I got home.  First it was "American Psycho 2" which was more of a comedy than I realized and now it's "Dirty Harry" - a classic.  I like Eastwood as Harry but don't like his westerns. Not sure why but I do.  I have "Magnum Force" which I think is the second Dirty Harry movie.

Dumb Bunny was allowed to be "free" today - free to roam the house rather than stay in his not-so-little section of it. I'm going to have to reconsider that with all the rabbit pee I had to clean up. No wonder I'm always out of cleaning rags. And just after I cleaned up one place, either the bunny or one of the cats peed all over the floor somewhere else.  Sheesh.  I discovered why the bunny didn't use the litter box I put in the cat room for him - the cats are using it. He won't use their boxes.  So I might have to only put a box out when I'm going to him roam but will limit where he roams to. Wait. No, that won't work. He can get on the seat of the bar stool to the kitchen counter and down into the living room from there. Drat.  He may just have to be stuck in his room except when I'm home and can keep an eye on him.  He doesn't pee anywhere except his litter box in his room. Sigh, again.

It's supposed to be in the 50's tomorrow so I'm hoping to finally finish moving the mulch pile. It will be so nice to have my lean-to back.  We are supposed to have snow the first week of February and if I get into the lean-to, I won't have to brush/scrape off my car. Naturally the day we have a 70% chance of snow, I get to drive to Kansas City to see the neurosurgeon. Oh well, that's how it goes. I'll make sure to have a good book on cd to listen to and my cell phone.

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