Monday, November 4, 2013

First day at new "job"

A friend of mine offered me a "job" in addition to taking care of her two dogs and six cats when she's out of town. She's retired and a widow (her husband died suddenly two years ago) but has taken a part-time job as a home health aide.  She has found that she's too tired to keep up with the housework. She lives in a park with dirt/gravel roads and her house gets very dirty from the traffic.  She offered me $20 a week to come in once a week and clean her house. I don't need to make her bed, do her laundry or dishes.  She just wants me to dust, sweep, mop and vacuum for her.

Today was the first day I went over to work for her. She was in the city which is perfect cause if she were there, we'd end up spending the entire time visiting instead of working.  Her dogs helped, of course.



The dogs will be will be 5 years old this month (doesn't seem that long ago that they were itty bitty puppies), they are brothers and are Bernese Mountain Dog mixes.  They eventually went outside - the vacuum is scary.

I scrubbed her kitchen including the walls and appliances.  She only had a few dirty dishes so I went ahead and washed them.  I cleaned the ceiling fan and light fixture. I swept then steam mopped.  I cleaned her bathroom (the toilet was yucky but she has two grandsons, age 5 and 3 so......) and mopped it too.  I dusted and vacuumed the living room including moving the furniture.

Including two short breaks, I worked for just over 3 hours.  I didn't do either bedroom this first time. Her bedroom was just cleaned - she got a new bed and had to empty out the room to get the old bed out. She cleaned her room really well at that time.  The other bedroom is sorta "trashed" right now - piles of blankets from the kids, boxes of toys and who knows what. You can just get into the room to get to the pet food and vacuum.  Hopefully she'll straighten up that room so I can get in there to dust and vacuum next time - before her daughter and grandkids come to visit again.

I think I more than earned that $20 today.

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