Monday, November 11, 2013

Just Various Stuff (can't think of a title....)

Second cleaning done at my friends house.  I thought she said she was leaving at 10 AM for her job but it was 1 PM.  Naturally I was surprised to see her when I got there but we had a chance to visit and talk about what she wanted me to work on.  I carried some stuff to her garage for her and then carried the 40 lb bag of dog food from the garage to the house. I was fine until I had to go up the steps. Only 4 of them but it wasn't fun.  A bit painful to the old back - I had the bag thrown over my left shoulder. It's the only way I can carry bags that heavy.  Before I know it I won't be able to carry them at all. Sigh.  Old age is a bitch and she knows it!

The first time I did a pretty deep cleaning. I didn't empty out kitchen cabinets and dust/clean there but it was close!  I wasn't able to do the one bedroom and the other one had already been cleaned.  I moved most of the furniture to vacuum and I mopped the kitchen and bathroom.

This time I didn't need to move the furniture or mop but I was able to get into both bedrooms.  The one bedroom has a full/queen size bed for her daughter and son-in-law and lots of blankets and a sleeping bag for their two youngest boys to sleep on the floor.  They were down this past weekend so I had a bunch of blankets to fold up and stack in the closet.  I was able to dust everything - including the light fixture - and vacuum.  Found toys and games under the bed and one lone kid's cowboy boot in the closet.  Not sure where the other boot is.  Also dug out my friend's winter boots and put them where she could get them.  The kitchen just needed dishes washed, surfaces cleaned and floor swept.  All that was needed in her bedroom was light dusting and vacuuming.

I started cleaning when she left just before 1 PM and I left around 3:30 PM so 2.5 hours of cleaning.  She called tonight to say it looked really good and that her daughter won't recognize the back bedroom next time she comes down.  Felt nice, being thanked for my work.  I don't hear it very often.

The $20 for my work will go for a bag of dog food as I don't have enough to get me to payday (Friday).  Not surprising. I never have enough pet food to last payday to payday.  Especially in winter.  Everyone is eating more now that it's getting colder.  I'll have to get more bags of food on payday and whenever I have extra money.

I'll have to go out to the yard tomorrow after I wake up and find more dandelions for Hippity Hop, the bunny.  He really really likes dandelion leaves. When I got him he had been on a diet of nothing but rabbit pellets. Now he gets romaine lettuce, collard greens, dried catnip and dandelions.  He gets carrots but not much (too high in fiber).  I'm slowly introducing new food to him.  He has decided that he likes his water bowl better than the bottle but still drinks out of the bottle.  He's almost eaten the entire lid to his shoebox!  The piece that's left is tiny!!!!  Not sure why he liked that lid so much.....

Going off to dream land soon. Have lots to do tomorrow before a long day at work.  Let's hope it's not a cold day at work.  High of only 38 to 40 degrees not including wind chill.  Brrrrrrr

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