Monday, November 4, 2013

Really in the dog house today!

Not only am I in the dog house but I've been removed from all Christmas lists and I think a call was made to PETA.  Now, what I want to know is who the hell taught my cats how to dial a phone???!!!!

I started this day with a can of "No Hunting" purple spray paint and five "Posted No Trespassing, etc" signs.  I planned on walking the perimeter of my property, spray painting and hanging signs.  Youth hunting season started yesterday and adult hunting season starts in a week or two.  I would walk only if my cats didn't follow me because a good part of my property borders a busy highway.  Sure enough, Izzy and Piglet followed me.  I turned around and walked to the car then drove off.  Didn't matter.  I was working on the second tree when Izzy showed up.

She "helped" until I ran out of spray paint and signs. It was time to walk back to my car, parked off the highway but we had to walk across the highway (two lane) to get to it.  As we got closer, I ran across and put my stuff in the trunk then ran back and picked her up (no traffic but why risk it). She was fine until we got closer to my car, she tried to get away. We got in and she immediately tried to get out but the windows were all up.  We only had to drive like 1/8 or less of a mile to get back home but the noise!  After I parked and turned the car off, I left the driver side front door open but she jumped in back. So I opened the back door but she jumped in front. Eye roll. I left both doors open and she ran out, talking the whole time.  She called me so many names!!!!  She didn't shut up for ages!!!!

Then it was time to collect more walnuts and she flat out refused to supervise. For a while.  Eventually she and Ditch showed up and supervised.

Only, instead of supervising me, Ditch complained about the lack of caviar and fresh Alaskan Salmon in his bowl and Izzy ignored me.  I informed them that they were both fired and I'm pretty sure they didn't care.

It was dinner time by now so every one was fed (no caviar or fresh Alaskan Salmon). First the bunny's used litter box was taken outside and the unused one was prepared. Tailess wanted in and, when I opened the door, I discovered Ditch curled up in the used litter box. Ewww!  So I went ahead and took it out into the yard where I'm sorta starting a compost pile, emptied the box then rinsed it out with water from the garden hose.  Back inside to prepare fresh lettuce and celery for the bunny.

Mom got me some diatomaceous earth for flea control, some to mix into the pet food and some to put on the pets and carpets.  I started with Bunny. He wouldn't let me get his belly but otherwise he did OK.  He did nibble on me three times after that but I decided it wasn't anything personal.  I really need to get him fixed then get another rabbit for him to play with and keep him company.

Time to "powder" the kitties.  Yeah. That went well.  Putting some of the diatomaceous earth on them then try to mix it into their fur so it gets to the skin.  Yeah, right.  It took forever and made a terrible mess but the inside cats are done plus Tailess and Sunny, who are both indoor/outdoor cats.  I put some on their dry food but only in two dishes to see if they would eat it. Nope, won't eat it.

Time to "powder" the doggies.  Sigh. Even harder to do than the cats because with the cats I can scruff them and hold them down.  Doesn't work with the dogs. The only one who really let me get a good coverage was Honey.

Honey, age 13, is actually allergic to fleas so I wonder if she somehow knew the powder would help. Diatomaceous earth essentially eats through the fleas and kills them.  Digested diatomaceous earth will get rid of worms so I put some on their dry food as well. They won't eat it. Damn.

I have an email in to the company to see if I can use diatomaceous earth in home-made pet treats.  Let's hope!!!!  I know the cats have worms from their fleas so I bet the dogs do too.

After torturing the critters (thus ensuring my life in the dog house), I vacuumed the carpets then used the powder on that as well.  Sorta over did it in the bedroom.  Way too much.  It's a really really really fine powder and I have commercial grade carpeting - basically no pile, no padding at all and light/mid-dirt brown in color. After "sprinkling" the powder, I had to use a broom to mix it in and that sent the powder floating around the room even worse. I had to set up two fans to get the cloud out of the room and I'm going to have to spend the better part of a day to dust the room big time.  There's a nice layer of diatomaceous earth all over my black furniture.

Relaxing in the living room now watching TV. Don't get any channels (too expensive) so I have a nice collection of DVDs and VHS tapes.  That's what I'm watching now. VHS tapes.  Just finished "Murder by Number" and now watching "Paleo-World". an old series from The Learning Channel.  Yeah, I'm that kind of nerd.

Apparently my baked potato just finished in the microwave but Sunny is preparing for a nap on me.

I'll let him stay for a little bit but seeing as it's after midnight, I really should eat my dinner soon.

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